Discover. Solve. Survive.


Find your weapons quickly. If you don't, they will.

Make your way through our Force on Force MOUT town or shoot house, finding clues to unlock your supplies. Simunition pistols, ammo, flashlights and shock knives will be stashed away in various locations, waiting to aid in your survival. There is no guarantee that you'll be the one to recover the weapons. Be the last one standing and walk out of the arena.

Test your mettle and wit in two different arenas, with three different options.


Quickly find clues around our open-air MOUT town, mostly lit, to procure your weapons and eliminate your enemies.


Make your way through our dimly-lit, multi-level shoot house, but be careful moving around corners. Someone may have found the weapons before you.


Don't wait for your eyes to adjust, black is black. Find a flashlight, find a clue, find a weapon. Find your way out of the shoot house. If you can.

cost: $30/person per half hour

Minimum of 3, maximum of 12 people.